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The Muslim Welfare (Trust) Organization is one of the oldest and the most successful charitable foundations in Jammu & Kashmir, which has made rapid strides in the spheres of the progress to the quality education for the children & as well as for the adults. It is also the one of the largest charitable units in terms of the fact that it is not based on any kind of the external aid from any source, but is based on the regular charitable donations from within its own registered members, and also in terms of the fact that it is able to provide thesurvival help in the shape of aid etc. on the large regular basis to the needy people with also applying a large portion of it as the, properly chartered, expenditure on the education & the other requirements of the students including their extracurricular & the work shop activities etc., under the provisions of the well elaborated  scheme of ‘SidiqeeBitul-Maal’, maintained under the approved Byelaw of the trust.

The trust got established in the year 1984 and was immediately registered with the Registrar of Societies J&K under the Societies Registration Act VI 1998(smvt) on July 16th in 1984. The charitable foundation  has been, from the very beginning, based on the agenda of struggle for  the achievement of the goal towards the motto of the moral brotherhood, peace, stability and the right conclusion through the upliftment of the under developed part of the society by way of the Educational, economic, medical and other like means of aid as a matter of service in the interest  of the worship to the only Creator of the all universes.  This nonprofitable, nonpolitical, charitable & moral organization was initiated and carried onby the highly honest & morally dedicated respectable persons, with a high concern to the moral values of the society, through  thesourse of the charity collections from among the life & the general members of the trust, who from time to time joined & added to provide the support for such a great moral cause.The main office of the Trust, together with its educational campus of the three wings of the school, the boys wing High school, the girls wing high school and the primary wing of the high school, all the three wings always remaining packed with full student roll in accordance with the capacity, are located scattered nearly two hundred meters away from each other, on the famous Nagin road, now renamed as Syed Merak Shah Memorial Road, at Saidakadal chowk, with superiority of having the famous Dal Lake view nearer to it.

 Human being is the highest developed creature in this universe. The history has always revealed that the brotherhood, unity and the social reforming has always proved fruitful for the development and the peaceful survival of the mankind. But it is also always observed that in the way of such brotherhood, unity and the proper social reform, it is basically the illiteracy in the society, which has been always seen to become a barrier in the way. Every Prophet, apostle and in turn every noble man has been advising, in the interest of the humanity, to unite & work to help for themselves each other without anyconsideration of caste, creed or colour. The Service to the humanity is the noblest job on this earth. Every human being is the creation of One God. For the survival of the human beingson this earth , the Almighty God has never considered any different treatment based on colour, caste or creed etc., ordinarily, but has always treated all, for the purpose of their survival, equally with justice. Since, it is his all creation here, the God wishes us also to help& treat each other with justice irrespective of the caste, creed,colour& religion. Again, the history has always revealed that to serve the humanity is the best worship and has always proved to have beenfruitful for the maintenance of the peace, brotherhood of love and has always added to the prosperity with the assured development of the nation as a whole.

In order to achieve such a noble moral purpose, the formation of the societies is the well productive collective means for the human betterment and as such the service to the individuals in the society is the best means to serve the nation and has always, as such, helped to endeavor the love & affection with the sense of brotherhood towards the peace, stability& the development values in the minds of the people. Such genuine  charitable societies are more & more required for the betterment of the mankind, the development of the poor & also for the proper education of the mankind including the progressive help to the  downtrodden, orphans, sick, handicapped& the unfits etc.

 In spite of the best efforts of the Government & the public/private organizations the percentage of theliteracy& that of the quality education has not reached quite up to the mark and a considerable number of the youth in general & that among the females in particular leave the schools early toabandon their education incomplete, because of the poverty orthe orthodox type of traditions in the families particularly in the rural areas mostly or even because of the lack of the right guidance& the right counseling. So it is the basic moral need of the day and also the basic moral duty of the people,particularly those with better means, to take steps for the help tothe needy people in obtaining the right quality education, the right healthy living with the better means of livelihood in the whole society in a clean & healthy environment. This all was the basic reason for the moral urge in the minds of the initiators of this foundation, to unite to serve in the shape of a trust organization, which hence concluded in the formation of a charitable trust with the name  “The Muslim Welfare (Trust) Organization.

 The name indicating the ‘Muslim’ was chosen for the three reasons. One that it indicates the whole surrender to the only Almighty Creator, The Allah(JS), of the universes to achieve the peace, stability & the right conclusion on the right path  rewarded  to the noble persons having always spent their lives towards the right noble aim. It reminds the members every moment that while on work for the trust, they will do such work only for the appeasement to the command of The Almighty only and shall have no kind of personal interest any time what so ever. Second, that the area, where the trust office & the first nursery educational unit was opened, has the absolute majority of the Muslim population, who are having a religious obligation to offer the 2.5 % Zaqat yearly for the needy persons, which would keep the continuous flow of funds to the trust to carry on the struggle for the achievement of the goal & the motto of peace, stability& the right conclusion for the upliftment of the society, but indeed without any discrimination to any caste creed colour or religion, as envisaged in the moral values of Islam. Third, it would provide a trust assurance to the parents mostly Muslims who were in majority in the local area and who were the first to be aimed at to send their children to this newly trust school , that also at the initial stage when the trust had limited resources to start & run the school.

 And, with the start of the first educational unit, a nursery to primary standard school, the members were determined to take oath towards the aims &objects, asa first step, that the aim would strictly be confined to the promotion of literature science for the diffusion of the useful knowledge & for the purpose of clear charity, keeping strictly away from the politics both at the level of the trust as a whole and as well as at the level of its members. It was made obligatory, while preparing the Trust constitution & the Bylaws,that the society will have to not only provide the free education, free medical aid, but would have to  provide free help with assistance at all levels to make it easy & possible for all the needy citizens to obtain it by all means.

While the trust is achieving the progress, slowly but steadily towards its goal, it has in the meanwhile lost most important four legend leaders,Jinab MM Sidiq Dar Sahib , Jinab Hakim MohammedKhaleel Sahib, Jinab S. Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib&Jinab Hakim Mohammed Sharif Sahib (May Allah’s mercy be upon all of them),who were the first amongst the main initiators &organizers, have been in fact the fourpillars  of the foundation and who have left this world  on the call of the Almighty Allah(JS),but indeed untimely after the establishment of the trust when they were still needed for the Trust flourishing. It is a point to mention here that the most of these pious persons had, directly or indirectly, informed about their suchcoach up in advance. All the four close friends were possessing the similar thinking over a matter, similar thoughts with similar minded discussions and , in fact, also the similar decisions pointing towards the unanimous efforts in the interest of the sincere service to the humanity. May Almighty Allah(JS) bless all the four a high place in the JannatulFirdous

Jinab M.M.Sidiq was a revolutionary minded person about the imparting of education at all levels. He started his life in the Government service, but left the job soon for the study purposes and there after spent his whole life in imparting education to all. He was the first principal & continued as such up to the last day of life. He used to work hard day night towards the better performance & the soundestablishment of the school. He has proved to have been the best organizer and the most successful principal of the school. He would always like to remain busy in thinking over the better methods of imparting & then the follow up to the basic education, both moral as well as the general one. He would organize the groups of the educated young persons and would distribute them to various area pockets to impart the short courses to provide education to the adults as well as to the working woman and also to the working youth. He had a motto, to obtain the knowledge in order to distribute it irrespective of consideration to any caste, creed, color or religion. He would accept the very meager remuneration as principal only to the extent that could hardly even give the both ends meet to his family. In spite of several times request from the trust members, he did not take the increased salary although, for a long period, he has been the only bread earner for the family, because of the matters relating to the personal concerns of his sons. He had a poisewife , with very weak physique, but always behaving as a loving mother for all the students of her husband, as most of his loving students would visit to the house of the principal in the mornings & evenings to receive the various clarifications and to learn the additional languages & to learn the religiouscourses as Mr.MMSidiq was knowing different languages & the different literature particularly the religious one. In short, JinabSidiq Sahib has played a great role in the execution of the trust policies, particularly so far as the built up of the school is concerned.

Mr H.M. Khalil was one of the most important senior members and was the Vice president of the Trust. He has been a big business man, but had retired himself from it in order to seek the deep knowledge on the religious, moral & the other general affairs. He would never remain absent from the meetings fixed in connection with the Trust affairs. His suggestions& proposals were considered important and he would always support the processes of steps which were taken up & the methods adopted by the organization in the implementation of the school matters pertaining to  its continued progress & the development. He was a highlyinfluential, strong, tough person and was an important life member of the trust with a strong supporter to Mr. Sidiq, so far the latter’s efforts were concerned. He had always proved to have been a strong pillar of the trust organization.

Mr.S. A.G. Khan was also the most important senior member and was the General Secretary of the trust. He was a big business man, but he too, like Mr. Khalil, had retired himself from it so as to concentrate on the islamicliterature, history and the deep knowledge on the religion& moral literature in addition  to that of the other general affairs. He also maintained the accounts & the other necessary policy matters of the trust including also  all those matters which the General Sectary was supposed to attend and look after, in accordance to the functions mentioned in the rules & the byelaws of the trust. He had a strong role in the decisions matters of the trust and would like to support the every developmental effort towards the successful progress of the trust& the institutions established by the Trust. He was highly influential, soft spoken but hard on the principle matters. He was important life member of the trust and a strong supporter ofMr.Sidiq& that of the trust itself.He was a strong pillar of the trust like his other three friends.

              Mr. H.M.Sharief was also an important life member of the trust. Like his friends. He too has been a big business man, but he too had retired himself for seeking the deep knowledge on religious, Moral & other general affairs. He was a strong supporter of the trust and also that of Mr. Sidiq. He would like to give the first preference to attend the meetings & the other affairs of the trust as well as that of the school. He always remained actively in close association to Mr. Sidiq during the establishment & there after the well maintenance of the school along with other active members of the trust. For quite pretty long time he maintained or looked after the accounts of the school personally. He was a soft spoken and a compromising person towards the decisions adopted by other Executive life members of the trust.

                      At this place we cannot forget the contribution towards the services to the trust, by various other dedicated personalities, like JinabMukhtar Mohammed Khan & Prof. Mohiuddin Shah,who too are now no more in this world  now but are dearer & nearer to th Almighty. The latterJinab Prof. Mohiuddin Shah has been the Chairman of Educational Board of the Tust for a long time and has contributed a lot towards the education quality development owing to his long experience in the field. JinabMukhtar Mohammed Khan also has been so much dedicated towards the progress of the trust that ‘The Mukhtar Mohammed Khan (MMK) award’ is yearly given to the Best student for his outstanding performance, by his legal heirs.

                    The present Management also is working hard, as usual like their predecessors, without any remuneration. But the trust being without any suitable resources has not been yet able to go ahead forward beyond the high school level, for which the hard wishes for it are pushing the management towards the necessary efforts for it.